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What is a grab lorry?

First things first, what is a grab lorry? It’s a bit like a giant skip-truck hybrid, with an arm that’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. The types of materials grab lorry hire works best for are muck, hardcore, wood, mixed general waste, green waste, etc.

Not only are grab lorries great for taking away household or commercial-level waste, they’re also used for tarmac and concrete, for lifting pallets via a sling, and to transport materials to you as haulage vehicles. We offer a range of recycled and primary aggregates, including quality screened topsoil, which can be delivered in and around Bedfordshire in bulk to sites or in smaller tonnages to private addresses. Whatever you need we have you covered.

How do they work?

The lorry’s hydraulic arm will load your materials into the container bed, for the waste to be transported back to our Bedfordshire base in a single trip.

Who drives the lorry?

All our grab lorries are safe, modern and reliable, driven and operated by fully trained, skilled, experienced drivers—and friendly too!

When are they available?

We’re able to provide both day and night services for grab lorry hire, for whatever your requirements involve, as well as call-outs for emergencies should you need us.

Below is a general outline of our easy and affordable skip hire process. For your no obligation
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Why are grabs suitable?

Most importantly, these lorries are large in capacity, meaning there’s lots of space for your waste. Our range can hold up to 16 tonnes of waste material (approximately two 8yd skips) which should be plenty.

Secondly, the ‘grab’ part saves lots of time and energy by doing the back and forth, rather than multiple trips with a wheelbarrow. By speeding up the process, your waste removal, site clearance, construction project, etc. can be completed in a shorter, more efficient timeframe, allowing you to move to the next stage more quickly.

Thirdly, not all locations in Bedfordshire are suitable for access. Heavy machinery has fewer limitations here, making it a really effective waste removal option. For example, a pile of debris can be reached from metres away by the grab function, and from awkward angles by going over instead of around.

And lastly, a grab lorry can leave as soon as it’s full, with no need to stay on your drive, your street, or at your site until collection. We’re also able to collect waste from one location, and drop it off at another, maximising the workload across the areas we cover.


  • We help and advise on the most suitable waste removal service from our range, at the most affordable, competitive price for your requirements.
  • We arrive for our appointment at the agreed time, to the appropriate spot, communicating to you all the information required.
  • We offer an easy, efficient, expert service throughout.
  • We ensure we recycle at least 85% of your waste, wherever possible.
  • We effectively manage waste, maximising reuse, and reducing what goes to landfill.

For your no obligation quote, or for any questions you may have, contact our friendly sales team.



All our grab lorry drivers are fully trained under the NPORS scheme. We’re FORS GOLD-accredited, and Environment Agency-registered with a waste carrier licence. We’re also members of the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) and the RHA (Road Haulage Association)—and are fully insured to carry out all of their activities.



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Here are some frequently asked questions to save you time and help with your decision with skip hire.

Our Hire Terms and Conditions can be found here

Same day or next day.

We can accept hardcore, wood, soil, general waste, green waste and also deliver primary and recycled aggregates. POA

We aim to recycle 80% of all waste received.

We cover Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, please call for a quote

The lorry needs to be able to access the waste or deliver the material from either side of the vehicle. It cannot unload from the rear.

The grab lorry can get to more difficult places and spaces due to the arm and grab buckets ability to reach out over fences and obstacles.


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