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If you’re looking to renovate your house, empty your garden, or clear a large volume of industrial waste, as a leading skip hire company in Biggleswade, we provide the best possible service, for the best possible price.

Skips are available in these sizes: 4yd³, 6yd³, 7yd³, 8yd³, 12yd³, 14yd³. Depending on what kinds of materials you need removing, we can offer 4yd³, 6yd³, 7yd³, 8yd³, 12yd³ and 14yd³ with drop-ends, and a 12yd³ with an enclosure.

Drop-end:In simple terms, the end of the skip drops out. Useful for bulkier waste, rather than loading over the sides, items can be loaded by a ramp from the end. This is ideal for wheelbarrows, to save time, and for avoiding strain injuries.

Enclosure:This is a side caging around the top of the skip. It permits larger capacity for lighter items e.g., cardboard, plastic, etc.

When you’ve chosen the best skip for your waste (which we can of course decide during your quote), we’ll then organise what time you’d like it to be delivered. We can provide next day or even same day delivery if required, depending on the date and time of offering, and the location of placement. If you’ll need a permit, it’s likely to take up to a week to arrange with the relevant local authority.

Skips are generally hired for two weeks, but we can discuss your requirements during your quote if you’ll need a longer slot.We’re able to organise a quick ‘wait and load’ service for more challenging settings, or if your waste needs to be taken away sooner rather than later.

By hiring a skip with us,you can be sure of an efficient and reliable service from the beginning, with a no obligation quote at the start, and successful removal of your waste at the finish.Below are our FAQs for more information on the process, which skip works for your requirements, and what happens to your waste after collection.

Below is a general outline of our easy and affordable skip hire process. For your no obligation
quote, or for any other questions not answered here, contact our friendly sales team on
01480 811377 or [email protected].

Skip Sizes Explained

Capacity Comparison

4 Yard


4 Cubic yards (3 Cubic Metres)


1.8m x 1.1m x .95m

Good For

The 4yd skip is our smallest sized skip available for hire. These skips are most suited to small garden make-overs and small house improvement projects. These skips are available with a drop end if required.

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  • Help and advise on the most suitable skip from our range, at the most affordable price for your requirements.
  • Reliably deliver at the agreed time, to the appropriate spot, with the correct permits in place (if needed).
  • Offer an easy, efficient, expert service throughout.
  • Ensure we recycle at least 85% of your waste, wherever possible.
  • Effectively manage waste, maximising reuse, and reducing what goes to landfill.

For your no obligation quote, or for any questions you may have, contact our friendly sales team.


Our Accreditations

We’re Environment Agency-registered and FORS GOLD-accredited. We’re also members of the CPA (Construction Plant
Hire Association) and the RHA (Road Haulage Association) — and are fully insured to carry out all of their activities.



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Here are some frequently asked questions to save you time and help with your decision with skip hire.

Our Hire Terms and Conditions can be found here

To help you decide what size skip you will need to hire, take a look at our quick reference guide to sizes and types of skips. These are in imperial measurements only.

Skip Size Available with a Drop End? Available with Enclosure?
4yd3 Yes No
6yd3 Yes No
7yd3 Yes No
8yd3 Yes No
12yd3 No Yes

In order that skips may be safely transported they must be level-loaded and larger skips (over 12 yards) must not contain heavy materials. If you need advice please call our sales team on 01480 811377 who will be more than happy to help with your skip hire enquiry.

For a competitive no obligation quotation for your skip hire call :-

01480 811377 (Office)
05600 493762 (Fax)
or email [email protected]

All major credit cards accepted

We aim to deliver the skip at the agreed time to you.
We aim to collect the skip at the agreed time from you.
We aim to always offer a reliable and efficient service.
We will ensure that wherever possible your waste will be recycled.

Skip hire can be arranged next day or sometimes same day depending where you are and when you order it. However, if a permit is required we would need an advance warning as this proccess can take up to 7 days. The amount of time required to arrange a permit for skip hire can vary depending on the local council.

Permits are required by most local councils for skips that need to be placed on public land, including footpaths and the highway. Permits can be arranged for a maximum of 28 days. In most cases we will be able to arrange a permit for you. A few councils require that the hirer must apply for the permit, we will advise you during the booking process if you are required to arrange the permit. The additional cost of permits will be borne by you and will be added to the hire cost of the skip already quoted. Skip Permit notice requirements are as follows:

Council Notice Required Period Valid For
Bedford Borough Council up to 7 days 4 weeks
Cambridge County Council up to 7 days 2 weeks

We will place your skip in the most convenient location which might be your driveway or the road. If we need to place the skip on the road you will need a permit, correct signage and lights. Please contact us if you cannot place on private land (remember the grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you!) and we will organise a permit for you. Alternatively, we may be able to organise a wait and load facility.

Skips are for General Waste, Inert Waste, Wood, Metal and Builders Waste, deckchairs, curtains, blinds, beds and wooden or plastic seats without upholstery.

No Fridges, No TVs or Monitors, Hazardous Waste which includes Plaster Board, Paints, Solvents, Liquids, Tyres/Tracks of any description, Gas Bottles or Asbestos. Due to weight restrictions, heavy waste cannot be placed in the larger skips (12 yards and over). If you’re unsure that your waste is suitable, give us a call.

We also offer a range of hazardous / specialist waste disposal services, including asbestos and plaster board.

From 1st January 2023, following new legislation from the Environment Agency, the following items should not, if at all possible, be dumped in our skips due to the ‘forever chemicals’ contained within the fillings of these items that cause persistent organic pollutants [POPs] in Landfill. If you have no alternative other than to put these items in your skip, could you please keep them separate from other rubbish so we can dispose of appropriately.

Sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen and dining room chairs, stools and foot stools, home office chairs, futons, beanbags, and cushions.

At Acorn Transport and Plant Hire we endeavour to recycle at least 85% of our skips waste and often achieve much higher.

Our skip hire service covers Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Sandy and surrounding areas. If you think you fall outside of this area, please feel free to give us a call, and of our friendly team members will be able to advise further.

For your convenience we can also supply and deliver aggregates in up to 8 ton loads in a drop-ended skip (for ease of access).


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